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Barge services administrations are accessible in India for working with in Indian Waters. Self propelled Barges, Dump Barges, Flat Top Barges and Hopper Barges are accessible for brief time contract and in addition long stretch time sanction.


Self Propelled Barges in India are accessible primarily for inland water ways or for stacking and releasing payload from mother shop at dock. These barges are self propelled and accessible on both Time Charter and in addition Voyage Charter. The waterfront working Self propelled barges are accessible in IRS class in India. These barges are with substantial consent to work in Indian Water and are fundamentally used to transport products between ports to port. The barges are accessible with twin motor choices and can be work for long separation voyages. These waterfront working barges are accessible for convey dry mass load, fuel oil, water, cargo project and so forth


Hopper barges are valuable for convey the dredged material or the waterfront development waste and the self propelled split bottom barges makes it speedier and simple makes them all the more popular. Hopper Barges accessible on time charter/ month to month rental with in Indian Water Limits. We give self propelled hopper barges and without motors container hopper barges or dumb barge with tug on time charter of limit going from 250 cbm to 2000 cbm.


Seagoing Barges


Seagoing barges is the most recent in a long line of value boats. Seagoing barges outline gives magnificent taking care of whether adrift, on waterways or when moving in limited waters at moderate rates.


When all is said in done, barges have been intended for inland utilize, i.e. on channels and stream routes. Most seagoing barges have sails and lee sheets which decrease this inclination. Be that as it may in no way, shape or form all cruising barges are suitable for the ocean. Ocean barges will normally have stronger frame surrounding, bows better ready to manage waves, and more prominent free board, than inland barges.


A decently protected Seagoing barges with settled ventilation to permit the vessel to be utilized as a part of the winter also well as the summer.


Inland barges


Inland Barges The inland barges are mostly I.V class with authorization just working inside port points of confinement. These barges are self propelled and can move at their own particular with help of marine diesel motors. The convey limit of these barges is accessible between 500DWT to 2500DWT or above. The I.V Class Barges Operates for short separation voyage.