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Each Port or Harbor composed with certain traversable profundity in its channel or water bodies for the safe entrance and way out of boats. This profundity diminishes because of statement of dregs and other material by the impact of littoral float, submerged ebbs and flows, wave & tidal activities and so forth. This shifts from Port/Harbor to Port/Harbor and relies on upon rate of siltation. To restore its profundity, evacuating the collected material is unavoidable in the greater part of the Ports & Harbors.


With a considerable fleet of Cutter Suction Dredgers coupled with flotilla Split hopper barges, PMS is decently situated to pander to the capital and upkeep dredging necessities of Ports/ facilities in India. These exercises are backed by in-house fleet of tugs, hopper barges and additionally towed split barges with remotely worked part operation.


Outfitted with experienced and profoundly gifted Personnel, we have effectively executed various activities in India in different marine conditions and troublesome landscapes, Inland waters and so on. Our organization boasts a client base of high notoriety and rehash contracts in the upkeep dredging section.


There are for the most part two sorts of dredging which are Capital and Maintenance Dredging.