Perfect Marine

3/32 Dr Mascarenhas Rd, Mazgaon, Mumbai-400010

Tel: +91 9821429758


Perfect Marine Services have information of all officers and team to give offshore ships taking care of on Coastal and overall operations in different conditions, oceans and ports in India.


PMS analyze ships arrangement, crew members, train them how best they can give their full limit by a method for commitment and demonstrate all conceivable best results with having boat assets in hands to handle crises & operation to keep all moving everyday support.


Offshore Services:

  • Underwater Inspection, Maintenance & Repairs of Offshore platforms.
  • Pre-engineering studies.
  • Diving services including UWILD surveys.
  • Diving Support for Pipe laying, including pipe line stabilization.
  • Marine construction and decommissioning
  • Underwater NDT Inspection.
  • Underwater Inspection utilizing Underwater Still Photography and Video Photography (CCTV).
  • Establishment & Replacement of Jacket, Pipelines, Risers, Clamps, Conductors and Anodes.
  • Establishment, Preservation & Maintenance of Offshore Oil Terminals, S.B.M and S.P.M.
  • Complete flushing of S.B.M. furthermore S.P.M. frameworks.
  • Specialists & Engineers for taking care of Anchor Mooring frameworks.
  • Underwater cleaning of marine development utilizing hydro weight planes.
  • Underwater examination, upkeep & repairs of boats and a wide range of maritime vessels.
  • Underwater repairs to any Structural Damage.
  • Frame & Propeller cleaning & cleaning.