Perfect Marine

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1.Ship Repair Services : We undertake repairs of Coastal/Near Coastal/ Offshore / Ocean Going vessels including oil and gas industry assets e.g. FPSO.


a) Hydraulics : Overhaul and repairs of the following :

  • Electro Hydraulic Cargo Gears.
  • Electro Hydraulic Grabs.
  • Bulkers Hatch Covers.
  • Remote control Bilge and Ballast valves and their Indications.
  • Remote Control Cargo and Ballast valves and Indications systems.
  • Hose handling Cranes.
  • Towing, Anchor Handling, Tugger, Capstan, Winches, Windlass/Streamer winch/Shark Jaw and Stern ramp.
  • Bow Thruster and Azimuth thruster.
  • Knuckle and Telescopic offshore crane.
  • Steering Gear system.
  • (b) Repairs and overhauls of Main/Auxiliary Engine.
    (c) Repairs and overhauls of all types of marine pumps and valves.
    (d) Re-winding of all types of Motor & Alternators. Manufacture of Galley Cooking Range, Hot Water Boiler, Hot Plates Heating       Elements & Electrical Control Panels.
    (e) Steel and structural renewal. All types of fabrication jobs.
    (f) Pipe line renewal.
    (g) Propeller& shafting jobs in dry dock.
    (h) Re-tubing of marine boiler.
    (i) Ship board cargo cranes Jib damage repairs (We specialize).
    (j) Ship board cargo cranes Slewing & Jib Foot Bearing removal and renewal (we specialize).
    (k) Insulation & lagging.
    (l) Carpentry.
    (m) Hull and deck painting –corrosion prevention.
    (n) Supply of Cleaning gang.
    (o) Supply of skilled fitters& diesel mechanic for ship repairs.
    (p) Chemical cleaning of Air /Oil Coolers & heat exchanger.

2. Instrumentation/calibration :

  • State of the Art test/repair and calibration facilities.
  • Alarm Monitoring systems.
  • Power Management system.
  • Ballast tank level gauging/gas monitoring system.
  • Cargo Tank Pressure /Gas monitoring system.
  • COP Temp/pressure/level monitoring system.
  • VAC Strips system.
  • Fixed & portable gas detector/monitoring system.
  • Pressure & Temperature gauges calibration.
  • Boiler Control Panels/Alarm.
  • UTI Measuring Tape Calibration.
  • Oil Mist Detector.
  • IGS systems alarms & Controls.

3. Technical Superintendent Services :

We provide our highly experienced and knowledgeable senior technical superintendents on hire basis for short period to solve any complex & vexing problems of Indian ship-owner.

4. Design and Engineering :

  • Hydraulics Circuit analysis and design.
  • Hydraulic machinery design and commissioning.
  • Retro fitment and refit management of Machinery.